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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 – 2008




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Rotary Club of Port of Townsville

Handover Night Program

Saturday 21st June.                 North Queensland Club

12.00pm.      Welcome Drinks

12.30pm.      All Seated     Grace & Loyal Toast         Chairman Phil McIntyre

"We break thy bread of brotherhood,

and thank thee Lord, for all things good,

May we more blessed than we deserve,

Live less for self and more to serve."


Apologies.                                                              Secretary Ken


Introduction and welcome to guests.               Chairman Phil


Toast to Rotary International                         PDG Mervyn Short OAM


President's Annual Report & Presentations      President Tony


Sergeant at Arms Session                            Sergeant Ian




Presidents Handover                                   Tony and Ken


President's Address.                                   President Ken Melchert


Presentation of 2008/09 Board.                    President Ken


Vote of thanks to Chairman                          Past President Tony


Fellowship with President Ken













Bruce Washington


Col Gibson *


Bill Shepherd **


Barry Dawson **


Lionel French


Andrew Gricks


Col Dellaway


Roly Casley


Greg Cupitt


Harry Townley


Frank Aylmer


Trevor Baxter


Kirk Rains *


Jeff Ironside *


Ron West *


Ernie Landy *


Ted Johnson  **


Robert Jones


Keith Mendo **


Phil McIntyre *


Kevin Handy


Rod Short *


Doug Hannah


Ian Griffith *


Ross McKee


Leigh Kennedy


Jack Prague


Aubrey Eggins


Merv Short *


Vic Bayer *


John Howden **


Chris O’Brien *


Kevin Schreiber**


Kevin Gallagher


Kevin Poschalk


Garry Eather *


John Doyle


Neville Brown *


Robin Blyth


Tony Mark *


Col Titmarsh **


Ken Melchert *


John Lewin







HONORARY MEMBERS              Mayor of Townsville  Tony Mooney.

            Past President Lionel French.

            Past President Kevin Handy.


DISTRICT GOVERNORS               Cec Walton                  1977 – 1978

                                                            Mervyn Short               1985 – 1986 *

                                                            Kevin Schreiber            1994 – 1995 **














BOARD OF DIRECTORS    2007 - 2008
































         Rotary Theme for 2007-2008







Twelve months ago, Rotary International President Wilf Wilkinson presented us with the theme “Rotary Shares” for the year 2007 – 2008. This was a call to action, and we, as Rotarians, were given the challenge to examine the culture of our Club, our values, and our commitment towards achieving the ideals of Rotary.


We are a club, and an organization of volunteers who, by devoting time, energy and resources strive towards the achievement of agreed and clearly stated goals which reflect the values and ideals of Rotary. We share our time, we share our talents, and we share our belief that we can do things locally and internationally to benefit others, and to make a difference to our communities. Club fellowship underpins and strengthens our Club, but service is our business. Our club culture is positive, and throughout this year we have maintained and emulated traditions and achievements of the past. Further, we have sought, with varying degrees of success, to share Rotary in new and different ways.

It has been my privilege and honour to serve as President of the Rotary Club of Port of Townsville for 2007 – 2008.  Every member is valued and I would like to thank the board and club members for their support and participation during the year. Your sharing and contribution towards the ideals of Rotary has been greatly appreciated.

Club Service is a vital aspect of our Club as it allows us to meet weekly and share a common bond of fellowship and service. This year we sought to revitalize our meetings to make them more interesting and enjoyable for members, and to make them more attractive to prospective new members. A variety of guest speakers (18) from diverse backgrounds were magnificently organized within the Club program by Leon to entertain and inform members. Annual functions including partners continued particularly the “Not the Melbourne Cup” Night and our Christmas party, and family nights were held at mini golf, bowling, and bocce. Meetings were held at Sun Metals and Gluyas Lodge, and the highlight of the year was the reintroduction of a combined Club meeting, this year with Ayr, Bowen, and Home Hill at Home Hill.

Sergeant Ian and Corporal John maintained a ‘semblance of the truth’ as they extracted fines from everyone without fear or favour each week – an outstanding effort by both. John also presented an International Toast to an overseas Club each week and sent our Club Postcard to them; we have had 4 very surprising replies this year. Phil did an excellent job updating our Club Constitution and By-Laws, and a Club Brochure was produced by Rod to share Rotary information with prospective members. Sincere thanks to all members who have shared the duty of ‘Meeting Scribe’ – a measure introduced to ensure that absent members maintain club contact and “experience” the missed meeting. And many thanks to Rod for maintaining our outstanding website, and giving of his time to produce our Manifest each week.

The avenue of Community Service allows us as Rotarians to share, or “give back” our time and resources to our community. This year we maintained our financial support of various local organizations including the Australian Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Rotary Gluyas Lodge, the Mayoral Christmas Appeal, and Queensland Cancer Fund. We also financed our commitment to the Kevin Schreiber Rotary Park. We successfully shared “blood, sweat and tears” while manning the barbeque at the Woodstock State School fete. And we managed, after many months, to complete the refurbishment of the Guide’s Resource Centre, and I thank all members who shared time and energy painting, and especially Garry for facilitating the new guttering and signage. Disappointingly, we postponed our participation in the Relay For Life until November, and only a few members took up the opportunity to share Rotary with the wider community by distributing their copies of Rotary Down Under to various surgeries around town.

Community service, particularly “hands on” projects, is an integral aspect of Rotary which we must address in a more effective and constructive way.

The avenue of Vocational Service allowed us to share the ideals of Rotary and to convey the Rotary experience through the recognition of achievements in the workplace. Director Vic ensured that our annual Pride of Workmanship Night was an outstanding success by presenting 12 outstanding recipients with awards. Program constraints restricted the number of visits to industry this year, something to be addressed in a more balanced program next year.


The area of Vocational Service, which was an integral and determining factor in the creation of Rotary, is something we can do better – to more regularly recognize achievements in the vocational field, thereby allowing us to share the ideals of Rotary and possibly attract new members

Throughout the year we continued the tradition of supporting the international nature of Rotary by making extensive contributions to assist others less fortunate than ourselves – service above self. Rod’s untiring efforts ensured that this avenue of service was foremost in our minds throughout the year. Donations were made to the Rotary Foundation, the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund, Interplast, RAWCS, and shelter box. We continued our support for our overseas students, and initiated new support for Operation Cleft and aqua-box. We contributed to the District appeal to send a YEP student from East Timor overseas, as well as holding our annual International Night – with a Jamaican flavour – for visiting YEP students in Townsville. And we spontaneously supported the selfless and inspired initiative by Jannah Brown to raise funds for devastated Buna village. Indeed, we shared Rotary internationally, and weekly, and I believe that with our efforts, we made a difference!

This year we introduced a new focus and emphasis on youth, our future. Through the committed efforts of Ernie we established links with Kelso State School and St Patrick’s College to enable us to share the spirit and ideal of Rotary, and to promote our profile in the community. We sponsored a student to attend Adventure in Citizenship, and ten students to attend the Siemens Science School. We initiated a Transition Scholarship valued at $500 for students at Kelso and Vincent State Schools; we sponsored the inaugural Young Leaders Tomorrow Conference for primary students; and we initiated two annual awards for St Patrick’s – a Leadership Award and a Citizenship Award. In addition, we committed to providing an Honour Board to St Patrick’s, and establishing an Interact Club within the College – both of which will occur in the new Rotary year.

Our ability to achieve all of the above in the past year was only possible through the efforts and support of all members in fundraising activities. Our prime source of funds continued to be the annual Townsville Show stalls, and through the untiring commitment of members, wives and friends we raised a record amount this year. Talk about sharing Rotary! Our annual Golf Day again proved very lucrative, as did traffic management skills at the Field Days. To all involved in these activities - especially Ron and Col with the Golf Day, Rod with the Show, and Jeff with the Field Days – many thanks in sharing your time and expertise to enable the Club to share Rotary service with others.  

Overall we had a good year and it was a pleasure to induct Chris Kerr into our ranks to share the Rotary experience. However, I believe that much more must be done in the area of membership – it is the life blood and the future of the club. We need to do more than talk about membership. We must become more proactive, and it is the responsibility of members. The “Friends of Rotary” concept needs to be pursued, combined meetings with Apexians and the Junior Chamber of Commerce need to be organized, and past members need to be invited back. We enjoy our Rotary experience, and it is up to us to share this with others.

In conclusion, I would like to thank each member of the Board for their tireless effort in running the club and organizing various functions and activities, and also I extend my thanks to all members who have participated in all the activities this year. To all of you I say “Thank You” on a job well done, and I know that Ken and his Executive will receive the same strong level of support as they continue the great traditions of the Rotary Club of Port of Townsville and share the spirit and ideals of Rotary with our communities, at home and abroad.


Tony Mark









The end of another year is in sight and a new one about to begin. They seem to be moving faster all the time. This year we tried to put a few new ideas into practice and involve more people as per Tony’s wishes.


Overall we tried to have vocational visits mixed with ladies nights and a few outside fun nights of activity including the children, as well as usual gala nights. Generally all of these events were well attended and enjoyed by all.


Our vocational visit to Sun Metals, which ended up being a bus trip around the plant explaining the workings and a much more informative talk back in the office boardroom,   was enjoyed by all. Workplace health and safety issues forced the cancellation of other visits and this will have to taken into account for future planning.


Family events / activities were high on the list, with mini golf , a  ten pin bowling night , a visit to the Italian club and a game of   bocce,  Melbourne cup night at the Motor Boat Club, provided good fellowship, a fun time, and building blocks for the future.


Our gala nights, Pride of Workmanship Awards, International night, District Governors Night and Christmas function were well attended and well received by all. Combined visit to the Burdekin and Bowen clubs turned out to be a time to be remembered. Tall tales (all true) and the odd joke or two made for a memorable night that I am sure will become an annual event.


Guest speakers, Dr Andrew Viduka - Qld Shipwrecks, Ken Melchert – Census Info, David West – Liquor Laws, Stephen McCarthy – Author Ned Kelly, Meredith Anderson –G.S.E., Les Tryell – Mayor of Thuringowa, made for most enjoyable and informative nights. Thanks Leon for organizing. As a club we need more of these nights to attract new members, make the meetings more interesting and stop the Club  becoming a knife and fork group that will slowly die.


Thanks must go to Leon and Vic for organizing guest speakers and vocational visits. Sergeant Ian with his corporal John, stand-ins Chris and Jim and John for the International toast.


As a club we need to ensure that we all do our bit to make our meetings start on time, chairperson , scribe and introduction are not all the same, and vary each week so our meeting are enjoyable, sometimes memorable, something to look forward to and want to share with a visitor so we grow and become more vibrant. 


Congratulations Tony on an excellent year and to Ken all the best for your year ahead


Phil McIntyre  







Every year we tend to report on the challenges we have as directors in achieving acceptable activity in the Service we lead, this year was no different. With Owen spending much of his time overseas with work commitments I filled in for the director’s role. In late September, I changed jobs and my time was severely challenged. I am pleased with what we achieved, however my plans were bigger, and unfortunately I did not hit some of the high points.


A project the club should be proud of this year is our work on the Girl Guides Hall at North Ward. We painted the hall and installed new gutter. The program ran over many weeks as we gathered small groups of Rotarians and painted on a Saturday morning. Many hands supported this project and we quickly realised who could or could not paint as well as identifying many members with a fear of heights. The final touch to complete the project is a new sign. We are sourcing quotes and should be able to fit the sign in the near future. Many thanks to all members for their time given and the use of personal equipment. It was fun, wasn't it Phil.


The One Steel Golf Day was a success, again due to the organising skills of Col, Ron and others. The golfing again was not to the level of the US Open (depending on who you spoke to), but fun was had by all. Thanks to all club members who participated in the game or helped throughout the day – our efforts raised $7700-00, which assisted Queensland Cancer Council, Gluyas Rotary Lodge and other local charities.


The field days this year again had strong support by all members, however concerns were raised around the traffic directional skills of Ernie. No accidents, however rumours of a couple of close calls. The funds received are yet to be allocated. Thanks must go to Jeff for his organisation and his business support.


Relay for Life was delayed this year, as the timing presented many challenges. The club decided to support the event in November being held in the once called Thuringowa. More detail to come at a later date.


Donations during the year included supporting the Salvation Army Christmas Fund, the Mayors Christmas Tree Appeal and the Red Shield Appeal.


 I take this opportunity to thank all members in the support of my directorship. In being away for so many meetings many team members covered my absence. Thanks to Tony our President for his support and Leadership, congratulations on a fantastic year.


Garry Eather







The International programmes we were involved with this year did not vary much from the previous Rotary years.


Youth Exchange Programme


Due to changes in the requirements to host Youth Exchange Students, we declined involvement with the local Youth Exchange Programme this year. However, we contributed to the District appeal for funds to help send some students from Timor Leste on the Youth Exchange Programme and received a Certificate of Appreciation from the YEP Committee. – See below


International Night


This year’s International Night was held at Jamaica Joe’s on the Strand. Several Youth Exchange Students attended and we enjoyed their company. The night attracted 98% of the Members with their partners and several Presidents and Secretaries from other Townsville Clubs.


Rotary Australia World Community Service


We also continued with the sponsoring of four children in Indonesia and have received reports from these children throughout the year and also Christmas Cards. 


Plan International


This year we continued our support of Ibrahim Juma in Nigeria. Ibrahim sent a report and photographs of his family and his life in his hometown. This support not only sponsors Ibrahim in his schooling but also supports his whole community. I have enclosed several photographs of Ibraham and his family below.


Shelter Box and Aquabox


Bringing relief to victims of Disaster, a Shelter Box provides shelter and warmth for up to 10 people for a prolonged period. Each box contains a 10 person tent, 10 sleeping bags, a multi fuel cooker and ancillary equipment such as water purification tablets, a torch and batteries, spade, rope, plastic bags etc. The basics a family would need after losing everything in a disaster.


We purchased another Shelter Box this year and I hope we will continue to support this project for the next couple of years.


The Shelter Boxes that we have purchased so far have been distributed to several disaster areas


Box AUS1865 - to Pakistan       Box AUS2113 - to Nepal           Box AUS2407 - to Mexico


See below for an extract and some photographs from the Shelter Box Web Page


Aquabox is a method of supplying fresh drinking water in areas of disaster when the fresh water supply is contaminated or damaged. As the name suggests, it is a box that has the necessary filters etc to turn undrinkable and contaminated water into a fresh supply.




Interplast Australia sends volunteer teams of plastic reconstructive surgeons, anesthetists and nurses to work with local counterparts to repair congenital or acquired conditions, such as cleft lip/palate and burn scar contractures, of indigent patients and provide training programs to local surgeons.  The demand for our programs and training is high and constrained only by funding.

This year we made a donation of $1000-00 to this very worthwhile organisation.


Rotary Foundation and Australian Rotary Health Research Fund


This year we donated $2000-00 as our contribution to Rotary Foundation and $1000-00 to ARHRF.

Operation Cleft


An area that President Tony thought very worthy and asked the board to support was Operation Cleft. Although similar in style to Interplas, Operation Cleft specializes in repairing cleft deformities in children and young people in Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Laos and Sri Lanka.


The vision of Operation Cleft is that every year Rotary Clubs fund some 1500 cleft operations. Operation Cleft commenced about two years ago. In that time Operation Cleft has raised well over $200000 and changed the lives of 1500 children. They do not retain donations, but spend all donations as the money is received.


Donations in Kind


We supported the Donations in Kind programme again this year with a donation of $1,000-00 to be used to help with the large freight costs in getting donated goods to the areas of need. We have also collected a large quantity of books and school furniture from the Holy Spirit School Library to send overseas.


Flooding of Buna in New Guinea


In late Marsh we had a Guest Speaker, Jannah Brown, who talked about the devastation of an area in New Guinea, in particular the village on Buna. This area had received no help from the local government and was in dire need of assistance. The Club helped in her quest for funds and I believe the ‘Scribe’ on that night summed up Jannah and her plight perfectly. I have enclosed an extract.

Jannah Brown, our Guest Speaker was a delightful young lady who proved to be an excellent, interesting and dynamic speaker. ‘A whip of a girl’, one wonders how she could handle the experience. Jannah, a tour guide from Northern Distractions (a Canadian) gave us a magnificent presentation on her experiences in New Guinea, during the flooding of the Kokoda Track.

The flooding rains and the flooding of the Girua River devastated the farms wiping out their produce, livelihood and homes in Buna – A community in Crisis

The people were virtually starving so Jannah decided on her “fundraising campaign of help” and headed back to Australia. She explained how the donated food etc gave the very weak inhabitants almost instant energy to ‘get to work’, rebuilding food gardens, building houses, cleaning the village fresh water well etc.

Jannah was so impressed with the people of Buna in New Guinea and liked them so much that during their hour of need, went back to Buna, (at her own cost) to support them with the money she had raised.

Her target was $5000-00; she raised $6500-00.

Jannah thanked the Club for our generous donation, to a people she has learned to love and respect. Jannah has walked the Kokoda Track 6 times; she is a humanitarian of the highest degree.

I am sure all in attendance were in awe during her presentation. (I know I was)

The Scribe – Merv Short

International Toasts.

We sent approximately 40 ‘Townsville Post Card’ to other Rotary Clubs, worldwide, as part of our International Toasts each week. I would like to thank John McMillan for all his work with organising the toasts each week. We received several replies from some of the overseas clubs.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors for accepting my recommendations and to thank all the members who have assisted this year

Rod Short


Certificate of Appreciation for helping the YEP in Timor Leste



Ibraham with his Mother outside the Kikoneni Community Centre


            Jannah Brown Jannah Brown

                 Jannah Brown with PDG Merv Short and presenting President Tony with a Certification of Appreciation




The main vocational activity during the year was the Pride of Workmanship Award, as it has been the case for many years. Sixty-four members and guest attended the night at North Queensland Club on 15 October.

Guest speaker for the night was Deputy Commander 3rd Brigade Lieutenant Colonel R.C. (Bob) Hamilton. Bob has served overseas in Fiji and East Timor.

The Rotary movement around the world places a huge emphasis on Pride of Workmanship awards. Recognizing such employees in our work force and community encourages employees to perform their job better and take pride in what they do. This leads to greater efficiency and productivity for the employees and in the long term to our country. The Award night also provides an opportunity for employer to thank the employee for their contribution. Employees are the most important assets that any organization has and they should be given an opportunity to develop their skills and encouraged to perform to best practices.


The club made presentation to 12 awardees


Major Paul O’Brien – DQ – S1/4 HQ 11 Bde


Paul is at Head Quarters 11 Brigade and is responsible for the relocation and restructure of the brigade. Paul’s pride in his work has led to a long and successful career being decorated by Defence for his outstanding achievements. Truly worthy of the award. Paul was nominated by Neville Brown.


Shannon Craig   Executive Assistant Manager at Southbank Convention Centre


Over 3 years Shannon has acquired the knowledge and skill set that is irreplaceable and still has the passion and enthusiasm as when she started. Shannon has acquired an incredible amount of knowledge about the hotel and convention industry and is only too happy to share that knowledge with the rest of the team. Shannon was nominated by Dawn Gleeson.


Fern Duffie   Visitor Services Coordinator Assistant at Townsville Enterprise


Fern has been a very dependable team member in the tourism team following an internal restructure. She manages a volunteer team of 100 effectively and efficiently. Fern is a great ambassador for the region and for Townsville Enterprise, showing exceptional pride in all she does and achieves. Fern was nominated by Neoni Payne.


Scott Cyril Kittle  Electrical Tradesman at Townsville City Council

Scott is a quite achiever who rarely draws attention to himself, and is well respected within the electrical work group. Scott continually displays an extremely positive attitude to his work, and continuously produces work of a high standard. Nominated by Phil McIntyre.


Jason Liddy   McDonald’s Family Restaurant.

He works long hard hours and always prides himself on being the best he can be. Jason always stays until all jobs are done and he doesn’t accept poor performance from his fellow employees. He is well respected by all his peers. Nominated by George Colbran.


John Waetford   Environmental Health Officer with Thuringowa City Council


John initiate a storm water contamination reduction program in new developments and building sites with the Council. He has handled the project in an extremely professional manner and has enhanced his own standing in the building and development industry and within his peer group. John has handled an important environmental program in an exemplary professional manner which has brought Council great credit and significantly benefits the world heritage areas of the Great Barrier Reef. Nominated by Jeremy Jenkins.


Tanya Cannon    Country Administration Officer at Hanson Pty Ltd


 Tanya’s professionalism and commitment shines through in all aspects of her daily work. Whenever help or extra effort is required Tanya is only too obliging, and continually interacts with her fellow workmates with a smile on her face. She always works above and beyond her prescribed duties. Nominated by Darrel Ace.


Jessica Anne Reynolds PA to General Manager at Roberts Nehmer McKee


 Jessica is a very loyal and dedicated employee who is always on the look out for  new innovations and ideas to be explored. Jessica has a very high level of achievement, she is very focused and has a get on a do it attitude. Jessica holds herself at a high level and expects her fellow workers to follow suit. Nominated by Neville Brown.


Brett Sievers – Relationship Executive at ANZ Bank


Brett enjoys an excellent relationship with his clients and is always willing to go the ‘extra distance’ to ensure that his clients are satisfied with the lending products being offered. The fact that his clients are willing to refer business to him is testimony of the quality of his work ethic. Nominated by Ernie Landy


Bashar Hussein    Senior Auditor at Moore Stephens


Bashar prides himself on delivering the highest level of client satisfaction, often sacrificing personal time to ensure that his client’s needs are satisfied.  Bashar’s warmth, leadership, professionalism and dedication have been an asset to Moore Stephens over the past three years.  Bashar aspires to ensure that every job isn’t just done, but done well. Nominate by John Zabala.


Katrina Joy Brown  Shop Manager for Fotobitz Thuringowa.


Katrina has done a wonderful in transforming Fotobitz into a financial viable shop. Karen learned all operational functions, trained the staff, increased the awareness of shoppers focus on the specialists products and achieved a profitable result. She has undertaken all these duties because she cares, shows high degrees in improving customer satisfaction and is dedicated to her position and the staff. Nominated by Neville Brown.


Benjamin Williams       Supervisor at Wormald Pty Ltd.


Ben has matured from being a young eager fire alarm technician to a diligent supervisor.  The company regularly receive comments from their customers with regard to Ben's courtesy and willingness to ensure his workmanship is to the utmost. Ben has the habitat to secretly returning to jobs after normal work hours to provide finishing touches just because he was not satisfied with the initial result. Nominated by Neil Moxon.




Visit to Sun Metals Pty Ltd

During the year 14 members visited the Sun Metals Corporation. We were able to drive around the site and later in the evening the executives from Sun Metals provided a very interesting overview of the operations while we all enjoyed pizzas and coke.



Vic Bayer

Vocational Service Director


Vic Bayer













 Two of the Awardees and their employers receive their Certificates












 Mrs D Gleeson and Mr B Sievers reply on behalf on the Employers and Employees













This is the first year under the new portfolio and it has been a success with the emphasis on Youth.

President Tony has been instrumental in driving the renewed focus and we have had considerable success and received very good acknowledgment. The results I believe will bear the fruits of our labour in a few years time.


The schools that we have adopted have been Kelso Primary School, Vincent Primary School and St Patrick’s College. The latter being a Girls Catholic Boarding School. With regards St Patrick’s College, we are funding an Honor Board Listing the Dux and School Captains dating back some 50 years. The cost of this project being $600. A donation of Library books to the value of $500 has also been acknowledged. For this school we are also sending 10 year students on the Siemens Science School at James Cook University in Sept 2008.


Nine students were sent in September 2007. From the reports of the Students at our meeting the week long forum was a great success. The all spoke with great enthusiasm about the forum and what they learnt. The school is also in the early days of setting up a Rotary Interact Club, which our club will sponsor.


Our club has also nominated two students to the Rotary National Youth Science Forum. One student is from St Patrick’s and the other is from Townsville Grammar. The results of our nominations are yet to be advised from District.


Our Club has donated Library Books to the value of $500 each to both Vincent and Kelso. Both the schools were deeply appreciative of our donation. All going well it is proposed to continue with a similar donation this coming Rotary year.


Discussions have also taken place with a view to awarding a small scholarship to a student from each of these schools to a value of $300 each to a student whom the School Principal considers worthy and not necessarily a high achiever but has demonstrated a keenness to get ahead but also may require some financial assistance with funding towards books etc. This is very much still a work in progress and the outcomes will not be evident until later this calendar year.


All in all we have seen progress in this new portfolio and it is the future that we are looking towards to. In all of this the Rotary name is being but forward with each initiative.


Yours in Rotary


Ernie Landy





Membership Report

Membership for 2007/2008 remained consistent with 23 Active Members and 3 Honorary Members at the start of the year and at the end of the year. We accepted the resignation of Adam Macks from the Club and welcomed Chris Kerr as a new Member.

                             30/6/04            30/6/05            30/6/06            30/6/07            30/6/08

Active Members               23                20                    23                    23                    23       

Honorary Members          3                  3                      3                        3                    3

TOTAL                            26                23                    26                    26                    26


Chris Kerr – Inducted 28th April 2008.



Adam Macks – Terminated 31st December 2007.


Leave of Absence:

A number of Members applied for Leave of Absence this year, including:

Owen Bobledyk (01 July 2007 to 30 June 2008)

Neville Brown (01 July 2007 to 30 November 2007)

Ron Simon (25 February 2008 to 25 August 2008)

Ron West (09 July 2007 to 13 August 2007)


100% Attendance:


Congratulations to members who have achieved continuous 100% attendance:

Ron West                     39 years

Merv Short                   33 years

Phil McIntyre                21 years

Ian Griffith                    10 years

Chris O’Brien                 5 years


90% Attendance:


Congratulations to members who have achieved 90% attendance this year:

Tony Mark                                                       Kenneth Melchert


80% Attendance:


Congratulations to members who have achieved 80% attendance this year:

Jeff Ironside                                                      Ernie Landy

John McMillan                                      Rod Short


Members of the Club also attended a number of events/functions, including; 2008 District Conference, PETS, PEPS, Group Assembly, District Membership Training, President’s Meetings.





The following pages show the figures reconciled with the bank statement as at 31st May 2008, together with the Income and Expenditure for the General and CommServe accounts.


The figures as at June 30th will be admitted and same will form part of the Clubs Annual Report, which will be forwarded to the Office of Fair Trading as required.


Ron West





BOARD OF DIRECTORS    2008 - 2009





? To Be Advised ?


























         Rotary Theme for 2008 – 2009

2008 - 2009 Logo




Manifest:                                               Rod Short

Annual Report:                                     Rod Short

Club History:                                        Ron West

Annual Townsville Show:                  Rod Short

Relay for Life:                                       Col Gibson




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