Top Five Rotary Cars: Part 2
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Top Five Rotary Cars: Part 2

3.The Mazda RX-7.

This 1.3 liter with a turbo model came out in 1979. Its third generation models had a pair of turbochargers added, and its twin-rotor unit produced 252bhp. With a 1218 curb weight, the power-to-weight rated at 210bhp per ton.
The 3rd generation RX-7 would hit up to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. The car attained the quarter-mile mark in only 13.9 sec at 99.7 mph

4. Citroen GS BIrotor.

The car featured a twin 995cc rotary unit that produced up to 106bhp. In fact, this was about 40bhp more than the most powerful regular GS’s with piston units. With its smoother power delivery, the GS Birotor was also perhaps the better all-around drive. The car had a more luxurious interior than standard GS.

5. The Mazda 787B

This car has 2.6 liter 4-rotor unit that produces up to 697bhp at 9000rpm, and a 448lb ft of torque at 6500rpm in race trim. However, Mazda has claimed 845bhp can be generated in qualifying spec. As a matter of fact, the Mazda 787B was the only Japanese car to ever win the Le Mans.

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